Re-installing Custom Modules in Magento

While developing custom modules in Magento, you could probably come around a state, where you make changes in setup files, and would look forward to changes to be reflected. But, as the setup file is run for just once, when the module is installed for the first time, the changes wouldn’t reflect.

In order to get this changes reflected, we need to re-install the module, and to perform the process of re-installation, we got to remove any references of last setup.

follow the below mentioned steps, to get your module re-installed:

  • in the config file, of your module, find the name of setup, under global > resources tag
  • in the database, inside ‘core_resource‘ table, search, for the string found above, and delete it or you could execute the following query :

delete * from core_resource where `code`='<place_the_tag_name_here>’

  • delete all the contents of var/cache folder.
Now try refreshing any page in Magento, and this would re-install your module.

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