Facebook Lib for Codeigniter

Hello all,

in my first ever post, i would like to put on the Facebook Library built for Codeigniter.

Few days back, when i was tasked to integrate facebook connect in one of the applications I was building. i looked around for any library(like any other) which might help me, but I didn’t find any around(bug free).

the leading libs, what i found was (just one), the one from Elliot Haughin, but it had many bugs around. so after wasting almost a day around to find a better one or fixing the bugs, i finally decided to write the lib.

I visited the PHP-SDK repo, and downloaded the current version from the git, and started porting the codes for CodeIgniter.

I won’t claim this is any original work, as this is very similar to the sdk provided by Facebook, just changed the syntax to suit CodeIgniter 2.0.

Why am i posting it here?

I just wish no one else around waste their day, as i did. 😉

if you wish to have this lib, drop your email, as i am unable to find how to add a zip here 😛


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